SUM ARCHITECTURE is an architectural design firm, founded in 2007 and lead by its partner Eduard Navarro. Its passion and field of expertise includes all architectural scales ranging from interior design and residential architecture to large civic architecture and urban design.

The word SUM (in Latin meaning both 'I am' and 'the whole') embodies philosophically the company's two architectural core objectives of density and identity. Using their combined strength, SUM designs to bring together diverse contextual influences to create places that form part, belong to, and synergize with the larger surroundings. Addressing today's challenges of sustainable growth, efficient land use and anti-sprawl, SUM aims to reinforce the personality, diversity and compatibility of a place.

In its pursuit of a poetic and conceptual architecture, SUM produces precise ideas as response to each project's functional, economic, social and environmental needs and responsibilities. These responsibilities are combined with the desire to create sensual buildings and spaces that encourage contextual relationship and emotional experience by its inhabitants.