SUM constitutes one of the founding core members of the ARMADA GROUP. The group forms a vertically integrated suite of companies that come together to incorporate the myriad competencies necessary to design and influence the built environment.

From architecture and urbanism to marketing, construction, development and investment, the group is founded upon the idea that the built environment is powered and shaped by three key elements: design, finance, and policy. The Armada group synergistically brings together these diverse relationships to foster cooperation and finesse in building state of the art buildings that are a resource to the community, economically advanced assets, and markers in green thinking.

Within the group, SUM provides a key factor, leading in building design from
interiors to large scale architecture and urban design. SUM's sister companies in the Armada Group include the Office for Urbanism and Planning (UP), Dominion South LLC land development, Grenadier Homes INC, Percheron&Pegasus Investments, and the Georgia Beautiful Movement INC, a Georgian non-profit organization dedicated to fostering awareness in urbanism and its myriad sociological and
environmental impacts.